I have lots of nicknames.  Jenerator is not one of them.  🙂

I do like to work with words, though – making up new ones, finding the funny in ones I see on the page.  They call out to me, daring me to make them more, or to find the interesting, or to point out the obvious.  I think this is why social formats such as Facebook and Twitter are so important to me. I love seeing creativity from people.  You have the opportunity to put your funny foot forward; to put your wit on display.  Comments, likes, retweets – they are addicting. They are a vote that what you said made somebody want to respond, and sometimes, that is all I can ask. And now I have a blog. The goal of this blog is not necessarily to be funny. But perhaps I can make people think.


p.s. I am a Customer Service professional. I have spent my entire career putting customers first, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m on a mission to keep strong customer service alive and thriving.

  1. Huzzy says:

    Tracy helped me with this one…the wrist injuries that baristas typically get after working for long periods making delicious drinks…

    …caffe tunnel.


  2. Jen Reyna says:

    HAAAAAA! Perfect first addition!

  3. Bowling and drinking with your friends = White Trash Super Bowl-O-Rama

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